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Cabaret: 6pm | Show: 7pm



  • Character age range is not the required age of actor

  • Newport Playhouse will provide sides for play auditions

  • Auditions for the play start at 7pm

  • All auditions are held at 102 Connell HWY | Newport, RI  02840

Show Synopsis:

Nothing stands between the comedy team of Steve & Allen finally achieving their dreams of success. Nothing that is, except for an ill-timed fling between Allen and Steve's wife, Sara. The duo's flashy manager Roscoe Clementine joins in to cover up the affair and save Allen from getting found out by his partner. Steve & Allen’s comedic routines provide a hilarious running commentary in between the spicy dialogue in this comic door slamming farce.

Allen Feldman: (Suggested age: late 20’s) 

The goofball of the comedy duo, he is gawky, clumsy, cheesy, and self-deprecatingly funny. 


Roscoe Clementine: (Suggested age: 40’s-50’s)

Manager of the Steve and Allen comedy duo and narrator of the play. “He thinks he is hip, cool, classy, and debonair. In reality, he is brash, classless, sleazy, and flashy.” He abhors his (unseen) wife and adores perky Polly. 


Steve Tanner: (Suggested age: late 20’s)

The “straight” man of the comedy duo, he is good looking, suave, arrogant, and a tremendous flirt, which has put a strain on his marriage to Sara. His interest in his wife is renewed when she becomes the recipient of an incessant barrage of gifts from a mysterious secret admirer. 


Sara Tanner: (Suggested age: 20’s)

She is kind, lovely, vulnerable, and frustrated by her husband Steve’s inattentiveness. She accompanies the comedy duo as they travel and often laughs when nervous. 


Polly: (Suggested age: late 30’s)

She is a flashy, busty, energetic, lovable manicurist, who believes she is in a committed relationship with Roscoe Clementine. 


Sigourney: (Suggested age: 20’s)

As one of the most successful cover girl models in New York City, she is exquisitely beautiful and classy, and has a deep, sexy voice. Her sudden and mismatched romance with Allen is unlikely and surprisingly passionate. 



Cabaret is a one hour musical revue that follows our play for all scheduled performances. Cabaret includes musical ensemble numbers, comedic skits and solo numbers.  Solo numbers are not required so do not hesitate to audition if you are interested in comedy and/or ensemble numbers.


  • Please prepare one upbeat tune and one ballad for cabaret auditions

  • Newport Playhouse will provide an accompanist

  • Auditions for cabaret start at 6pm  

Auditions are held at 102 Connell Hwy | Newport, RI 02840

Please call 401.848.7529 for more information

Email: Audrey@newportplayhouse.com

Upcoming Audition Dates

A Little Quickie

March 22, 2020

Cabaret: 6pm | Show: 7pm

On Golden Pond

May 3, 2020

Cabaret: 6pm | Show: 7pm

Blithe Spirit

July 12, 2020

Cabaret: 6pm | Show: 7pm

Ghost of A Chance

August 23, 2020

Cabaret: 6pm | Show: 7pm

Miracle on South Division Street

September 20, 2020

Cabaret: 6pm | Show: 7pm

All Auditions are held at

102 Connell Hwy | Newport, RI 02840

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