Upcoming Audition Dates


March 1, 2020

Cabaret: 1pm | Show: 2pm



  • Character age range is not the required age of actor

  • Newport Playhouse will provide sides for play auditions

  • Auditions for the play start at 2pm

Mrs. Stancliffe (60+) - The owner of Rose Cottage Bed & Breakfast. She is severe both in dress and manner, valuing precision, punctuality, efficiency, and competence. Sensible, practical, and business-like, she does not unlock her sensuality until the conclusion of the play. 


Victoria Ambrose (50+) - A renowned author of steamy romance novels, she lacks romance in her own personal life. Pretty, intelligent, creative, romantic. 


Hillary Hudson (50+) - An old friend and co-worker of Henry Mitchell, she is affable and cunning. Educated, sophisticated, elegant, charming. 


Charmaine Beauregard (50+) - The voluptuous Southern belle whose strong sexual appetite leads her to Rose Cottage for a renewed romp with Bud the Stud. Vivacious, clever, assertive. 


Bud Davis (65+) - The next-door neighbor to Mrs. Stancliffe’s Rose Cottage B&B. He has become renowned among the eligible lady guests as “Bud the Stud.” Elderly, somewhat infirm, chauvinistic and foolish but likeable. 


Henry Mitchell (60+) - Mrs. Stancliffe’s “gentleman caller,” he is a mild-mannered man who has proposed to Mrs. Stancliffe every afternoon for 20 years. Gentle, thoughtful, loveable. 



Cabaret is a one hour musical revue that follows our play for all scheduled performances. Cabaret includes musical group numbers, comedic skits and solo numbers.  Solo numbers are not required so do not hesitate to audition if you are interested in comedy and/or group numbers.


  • Please prepare one upbeat tune and one ballad for cabaret auditions

  • Newport Playhouse will provide an accompanist

  • Auditions for cabaret start at 1pm  

Auditions are held at 102 Connell Hwy | Newport, RI 02840

Please call 401.848.7529 for more information

Email: Audrey@newportplayhouse.com

Upcoming Audition Dates

March 1, 2020

Cabaret: 1pm | Show: 2pm

March 22, 2020

Cabaret: 6pm | Show: 7pm

May 3, 2020

Cabaret: 6pm | Show: 7pm

July 12, 2020

Cabaret: 6pm | Show: 7pm

August 23, 2020

Cabaret: 6pm | Show: 7pm

September 20, 2020

Cabaret: 6pm | Show: 7pm

All Auditions are held at

102 Connell Hwy | Newport, RI 02840

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