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Upcoming Audition Dates


Auditions for "Ghost of A Chance" byFlip Kobler & Cindy Marcus

Monday, July 31, 2023, 7 pm


The show runs September 13th – October 29th, 2023



Characters’ ages listed are not the required actor’s age, but the “look like” age.


BETHANY - A new woman; bright, strong, independent, beautiful; but she's a locked vault, living life only for tomorrow; dependency - 10, self-esteem - 0.



FLOYD - Beth's fiancee; the tortoise; stable, safe, durable; but he loves Bethany, and when that is threatened he is going to break out of his shell, even if it kills him.



CHANCE - Bethany's first husband; the hare; wild and free, adventure was his middle name; loves Beth as well and is not about to let a little thing like his own death keep him from spending the rest of their life together.



VERNA - Floyd's mother, protective and suspicious, looking at life in a rose-colored rear-view mirror.



CRYSTAL - Flamboyant with a capitol FLAM; actually with a capitol BOYANT as well; a psychic with a sarcastic edge that's sharp, but there's a darkness behind that party girl facade.



ADAM - Verna's age; happy-go-lucky charm that's contagious.

Auditions are at The Newport Playhouse and Cabaret Restaurant, 102 Connell Highway, Newport, Rhode Island.


Please bring a headshot and resume, and be prepared to do some cold script readings.


Please visit the website to see all the show dates and times. Please note that there are shows during the week, during the day.  This is a paid acting opportunity.




Cabaret Audition Details:
Monday, July 31 at 6pm


We are looking to cast enthusiastic, energized performers age 18+  for our cabaret stage. Casting all voice parts. Bring sheet music for uptempo and ballad; 16 bars of each. Accompanist provided; no recorded tracks or a cappella, please.  This is a paid position. 


For more information, please call 401-848-PLAY (7529)

Auditions are held at 102 Connell Hwy | Newport, RI 02840


Upcoming Audition Dates

Ghost of A Chance
Monday, July 31

Miracle on South Division Street
Monday, September 18

Cabaret Auditions are at 6pm
Play Auditions are at 7pm

All Auditions are held at
102 Connell Hwy | Newport, RI 02840

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