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July 9


August 31

On Golden Pond

written by: Ernest Thompson

produced by: Newport Playhouse

directed by: Pamela Lancaster

Show Synopsis:

The love story of long married couple Ethel & Norman Thayer, told with plenty of laughs, sharing hard-won wisdom and much heart. The love story of Ethel and Norman Thayer, returning to their idyllic summer home on Golden Pond once again as they have for the past 48 years. As Norman nears 80, he finds his memory failing, but he is still just as sharp-tongued as ever. The love of his life is Ethel, 10 years younger, and the perfect foil for Norman. When their middle-aged daughter brings a surprise young guest for the summer, they find themselves with a “grandchild” the couple has longed for.  On Golden Pond is a touching, funny and warmly perceptive story of lovable older couple facing their twilight years with aplomb.

"A work of rare simplicity and beauty..." –  New York Daily News

Enjoy a great buffet, a funny play

and a fun-filled cabaret!

Call (401) 848-PLAY for reservations and information 

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